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A daily review of STOCKS IN THE CROSSHAIRS. In these daily reviews we discuss stocks that have triggered a trade, are setting up to trigger a trade, are nearing pre-determined profit targets, or have hit pre-determined loss targets. Stocks are reviewed until previously discussed profit targets are hit, loss targets are hit, or the set up for a potential trade is no longer valid. Videos are produced Monday-Thursday along with a weekend review video (usually produced on Saturdays). Depending upon scheduling, these will be either live or pre-recorded. All sessions are available for viewing at your convenience.

Additional videos are produced each week on an “as needed” basis when market conditions call for a review of new potential trades to add to our watch list. The videos include such topics as A REVIEW OF RECENT TRADES, STOCKS IN BOXES, WATCH LIST REVIEW, WEEKLY CHART REVIEW, REVERSAL TRADE REVIEW, etc.

Our daily reviews will oftentimes include educational trading lessons. In addition, separate videos on specific educational topics have been produced for viewing and are produced on a regular basis when deemed necessary for understanding current and/or potential trading opportunities. Recent educational video topics have included discussions on SETTING UP A WATCH LIST, THE TRADER’S CHECKLIST, TRADING A REVERSAL, TRADING A TREND, etc.

STOCKS that meet our review criteria are breaking out of established price boxes (“stocks in boxes”), are forming a new trend, are continuing a previously established trend, or are setting up a possible trend reversal. We discuss both bullish and bearish trade ideas in order to take advantage of any number of various market conditions.

We review WEEKLY and DAILY timeframes looking to take advantage of multi-day to multi-week price advances.

STOCKS reviewed are high volume (750K+), optionable, and over $5 a share. We discuss what options to buy (if applicable) and monitor catalysts (such as earnings dates and stock splits) for price movement momentum.

We review GENERAL MARKET CONDITIONS to determine the most opportune time to be long, short, or neutral.

We trade based on a pre-determined PROCESS that incorporates what we refer to as FPD. We FOCUS on specific trade criteria and, with PATIENCE, wait on the specific criteria to be met, then we apply the DISCIPLINE to follow through with a trade by accepting the OUTCOME via pre-determined profit and loss targets.

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