David Blair

davidblairHello. I am David Blair, a.k.a The Crosshairs Trader. I am humbled by, and appreciative of, your interest in my site and in my stock market analysis. I won’t bore you with any trivial niceties about my past or my trading record because none of this really has anything to do with your success, but suffice it to say I am a full time trader and enjoy sharing my experience with others via my blog and my educational training.

Through years of trail and error I developed a trading strategy I call Crosshairs Trading©. Why a crosshair? A crosshair consists of two perpendicular lines focused on a center of interest. Crosshairs Trading© is a focused trading methodology whose center of interest is based on one potentially profitable, repeatable pattern in both trending and consolidating markets that can help the trader better control any number of self-defeating emotions. When combined with patience and discipline the crosshair can help the trader attain a high probability of success. Crosshairs Trading© provides an answer to both the entry and the exit. The answer is in the crosshair.

Crosshairs Trading© was honed through reductionism, which is the art of making sense of a complex system by reducing it into simple, understandable parts. The markets are complex. Crosshairs Trading© reduces this complex system into one simple, easy to understand strategy for both a trending and consolidating market environment. Simple… yet very effective.

My strategy combines the basic characteristics of swing and trend trading by taking advantage of long-term market moves measured by days to weeks. My “swend” trading strategy provides the trader with a high probability trading edge that is specifically designed for those who desire the following from their trading experience:

An enjoyable life outside the charts. Successful, enjoyable trading should be more about freedom from the charts, not slavery within. Crosshairs Trading©, with its focus on big time frames (both WEEKLY and DAILY), allows the trader the freedom to break free from the trading screen and live a life supported by trading, not enslaved by it.

The ability to listen to the market, not simply hear it. There is a big difference between listening to the market’s voice vs hearing the market noise. If you have children you know the difference between listening and hearing! Without a set of trading rules and the discipline to follow them, the trader will be unable to listen when the market speaks a specific language-the language of it’s rules. The noise of TMI (Too Much Information) will rob the trader of his or her ability to listen to what really matters. My strategy focuses on listening to the market when in sync with the language of the Crosshair.

An emotionally controlled trading environment. Crosshairs Trading© is a focused, disciplined approach that welcomes patience as the key ingredient of successful trading. With a focus on the elements that make up the Crosshair, the trader has the tools to anticipate market direction for entering and exiting trades under the leadership of controlled emotion.

Simple, clearly defined charts for entering and exiting trades. Crosshairs Trading© takes advantage of my trademarked combination of indicators and charting parameters that, when used properly, provide a high probability trading opportunity. The Crosshair strategy is well suited for various market conditions (trending and consolidating).

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